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Amy Jacobs

Sales Rep

About Me

Hello! My first job out of college was with Thomson Publishing. I was a sales representative in Southern California and sold social science textbooks at two- and four-year colleges. I loved that job! There is a wonderful energy to being on campus with students and instructors. After a couple of successful years I transferred to Northern California and sold business, science, and mathematics textbooks for Harcourt College Publishing. The two companies merged and there were literally hundreds of different titles to sell. I left the industry for a few years and moved back to my hometown to start a family. When Pat McKeague started MathTV and XYZTextbooks, I signed on. I love my job! I love making a difference to students and saving them money. Our goal as a company is to save students money on course materials while giving them confidence in Mathematics.

Favorites on our XYZ site

eBook for Prealgebra

This eBook is really easy to use and I got to approved the colors and I think it is inviting and cheerful! (Yes, fuchsia in a math book!)

Mr. McKeague's Spiral of Roots video

The video shows what he loves about math and the video shows off his 'perfect teacher' handwriting.

Our video Tutors
This is a fun look at our video tutors. These students have varied backgrounds and all share enthusiasm for mathematics.